Shelf (2019)

Shelf is a sleep utility app, designed to help people with restless or active minds which are preventing them from sleeping.


Shelf allows you to write down everything that's on your mind before you go to sleep, and privately store it on a timeline. This allows you to reference back to it the next day, when you have time to take action on what you've written down.

How does this work

Everything written in shelf remains there until it is manually removed. There is only a single endless page to write on each day, so thoughts and writings don't get a chance to be scattered amongst multiple notes.

You write down everything that is on your mind into the app, and forget about it whilst you sleep. All the writings are stored securely, and cannot be accessed without your passcode.

When you wake up, you are encouraged to read what you wrote, internalise it again, and start your day having received a decent night's sleep, knowing what actions to take.

"In terms of exclusive features, Shelf offers little more than the timeline, and colour scheme, to differentiate it from a standard notes app.

However, having the mental separation, and having the writings kept somewhere else, much like a private journal, I find can really help ease of use when it comes to writing sensitive material.

The colour scheme is also designed for night use, which whilst a small change, is a critical one for the usage of the app."

~ Me, Developer, in promotional material for the app
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