That's My Name (2018)

That's My Name suggests personal anglicised names based on your personality.


That's My Name is an externally designed application, made for distributing personal anglicised names, targeted at international students. It is available in English, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional translations.

How does this work

'That's My Name' is a small application designed to allow users to interface with a local database, querying it via chosing characteristics about themselves, and receiving appropriate results.

The application had simultanious iOS and Android releases, with both paid and free versions, the latter containing a restricted version of the database.

The User Interface for 'That's My Name' was externally designed.

"The key of this project was database queries. Building queries based on user selection and punching them into the database quickly and efficiently bought it's own challenges, but worked fairly well in the end.

This was also my first experience with localised applications. This in itself proved challenging, but was ultimately achievable, getting all three translations into a single application."

~ Me, Developer
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