University of Birmingham's
Yoga Society

An award winning, talented, and energetic group of people, who rebuilt their public image from the ground up using apps to organise their service.
A Yogi by day
Yoga Society was a project for University of Birmingham's Yoga Society. A dedicated team of eight people organise the society's huge user base, whilst simultaneously juggling their academic studies. Averaging at around five classes per week, hundreds of Yoga Society users register for classes and events every week, siging up in the app when classes become available.

Features such as 'bring a friend', charity contributions and events, and equipment hire are also managed through the application's admin controls interface.
One society, one home
Before the app, information, photos, events, classes, and users, were fragmented amongst three different platforms. With the introduction of the app, all of these functions and services could be condensed into a single location.

One society, one application, many people.
Keeping 2.1k students in the loop
Managing a giant cross-platform user base requires a solid back-end. The Yoga Society App uses Google's Firebase web service to quickly and fluidly display current updates, attendance, and general information for all it's users, on both it's platforms.

The Yoga Society app has a partner application for Android devices, written in Kotlin. These applications shared the same database and back end, meaning information is communicated between them to orchestrate the entire society in unison.

Admin at night
Running a society of over two thousand members with eight administrators, on two separate platforms, isn't easy - but it definitely shouldn't be hard.

Using the app's administration tools, the society can function completely independently from a developer. Scheduling classes, creating events, sharing messages and news, managing paid memberships, editing terms and conditions, writing FAQs; the administration tools are there to smooth over the whole process.

Managing growth
Every year the society grows it's user base. Monitoring the growth, finance, and popularity of their service, the way the society adapts to the changes thrown their way is a big part of their success.

The application's Statistic Engine keeps track of all the numbers and data, drawing conclusions, presenting data, and dispensing advice to the administrators, all without effort. This means the app focuses on the stats and numbers, whilst the admins are given conclusions from the data, and can make changes to the organisation as they see fit.

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